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 Posted: Tue May 27th, 2014 02:08 am
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Beijing time September 20, 2:45 A.M., twelve-thirteenths season, cheap fifa coins ps3 the UEFA Champions League group g first round group game in a focused campaign. At the Camp Nou stadium, La Liga powerhouse FC Barcelona Stadium 3:2 reversal of Russia's Super team Moscow, Sparta, red and blue army to usher in auspicious start. Tello to break the deadlock, Daniel Alves goal, Luo Muluo helped the visiting team the lead Massey meikaierdu helped Barcelona then reversed, peak due to injury to leave the stadium. In this group the game, Celtic at home to Benfica kicked into the 0:0 matches two teams have the town 2, Barcelona 1-1. In ninety three-ninety fourths season in the Champions League group stage, Barca beat Sparta Moscow home 5:1 home and kicked into the 2:2 draw with rivals.

Rotation of Barcelona 3, Javier Mascherano the 50th of his career his Ou Guanzheng game, Alves and Messi into the starting lineup. Carles Puyol, Andres Iniesta, and Alba, Abidar, Cuenca response truce with injuries, Fontas and huonasangduosi dos Santos, for technical reasons the losing squad 3rd minute Moscow Sparta out of the right corner to create chaos, Luo Muluo area Barb kick shot on the right side. 6th minute cross from the right side corner, flat ball Harvey, right right foot kick tuishe the peak area. The 9th minute Messi zhichuan Rd, Tello restricted single pole in his right foot tuishe kick on the left, the Assistant Referee is slightly slightly offside. Barca grams with yalishandasong replaced injured Cameroon who plays central defender. Harvey zhichuan 13 minutes, after cutting his right foot before the restricted area on the left tuishe, flying into the right lower corner of the goal after the ball to play. 1:0, Barca at home leading,http://www.fifacoinsmonster.com  reap the first ball of the season! 20 minutes Alves right midfield zhichuan, Macy's restricted area arc blast in his left foot on the right side sliding door.

Harvey Road, pick 22 minutes, Messi left the restricted area form a single pole, but rather suspicious by Assistant Referee refereed for offside. Kaersiteluomu left 45 degrees 23 minutes a free kick cross, Adriano headed out not far right maikejiyadi left foot blast before the area was blocked off by yalishandasong. 28 minutes aimeinike cross from the right, flat ball, yalishandasong ball wears crotch points out before but was, Elvis in small restricted area high speed defensive right foot kicked the ball into the side door. 1:1, Moscow, Sparta equalized the score! 30 minute tripping jierlierkemubaluofu Pedro to get a yellow card, 2 minutes later Xavi opened the right side corner, Busquets shot points before he shook his head a little bit out of the far post. 33-minute yalishandasong midfielder deliberately knocked down aimeinike to get a yellow card, 3 minutes later Xavi picked out CESC Fabregas closed area road side headed crane shot on the goal, Dikan with a finger-tip the ball up to beams. 41 minutes kaersiteluomu uprooting Pedro to get a yellow card.

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